Amaryllis Caprice®

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The amaryllis Caprice® is a large flowering amaryllis. The flowers’ broad petals are decorated with stripes in various shades of pink. The centre of the flower is apple green. The flowers of this large flowering amaryllis have a diameter of +/-20 centimeters and the stalk is +/-50 to 60 centimeters long.

Amaryllis are easy to grow, please read our blog about planting and care amaryllis

King size bulb | sells high quality bulbs only! The bigger the bulb, the better bloom quality! Flower bulbs are measured in centimeters around the broadest circumference of the bulb. Large flowering amaryllis bulbs are 34/36cm sized and belongs to the larger bulbs available on the market. Often these bigger sized bulbs are a full year older than smaller bulbs. Since these bulbs must be kept in the ground for an extra year, prices are usually higher

Bulb size 34/36cm!!

Color: Pink with white

Length: +/-50-60cm

Flower size: +/-20 cm

Flowers after: 8 weeks

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